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Bandhavgarh forest and its encompassing areas represented with rich avifauna of the Vindhya ranges. It has an assortment of natural surroundings forests, prairies, high slopes, cliffs, and lakes, taking into account the necessities of various avifauna species both local inhabitants and migratory. Around 250 avifaunal species are sighted here- this incorporates hornbills, kingfishers, flycatcher, vultures, grebes, herons, egrets, storks, barbets, cormorants, ducks, woodpeckers, birds of prey and numerous other peculiar species of birds. Sarus cranes visit the reserve for reproducing amid monsoon and might be seen up to November. Bird watching point at Bandhavgarh fort subjects to consents from the forest department. But whilst the consent, you will get to see an incredible overview of vulture homes.

Monsoon Forest Lodge illumines conservation based tourism. An organic farm and nursery ensure a healthy dining experience. Situated in Bandhavgarh Tala region which is Tiger territory.

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