Hatha Yoga Retreat

At Monsoon Forest, we try to make a person achieve an effective and restoring break from the furious clamorous metro life to the quiet, peaceful and ecstatic world which prompts Sat-Chit-Ananda feeling for a person. We are here to help people to re-establish impeccable balance between body, mind and soul which prompts to re-establish better mental and physical wellbeing, through our immaculate and complete yoga and meditation sessions. Our sessions are a mix of hatha yoga, upa yoga and meditation. Yoga helps in enhancing body stance, destruction of addictions, controlling negative emotions like annoyance, nervousness and sorrow, keeping check on the circulatory system and enhances proper functioning of the heart. Yoga on a regular basis prompts a better healthy life. So, Yoga is a discipline of science which helps in enhancing an individual’s physical, mental and psychic wellbeing.

Aim of Yoga
Yoga aims to balance our body, mind and soul. To realise our true self and a piece of relaxation of our mind, gain healthy life, tranquillity and happiness

Is Yoga for me?

Definitely a yes! Yoga is for everyone and for all groups of people and for everyone who wishes to lead a healthy and stress free life and most importantly longevity.


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