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Monsoon Forest is an authentic modern Safari Lodge in the heart of Bandhavgarh (Tala region, tiger territory), located 4 minutes away (driving) from the Tiger Reserve, and it is surrounded by forest with a clear, breath-taking view of the Bandhavgarh Fort. Bandhavgarh National Park has the highest density of tigers in the wild compared to any reserve in the country. With 12 cottages/rooms spanning 10 acres, Monsoon Forest is a hub for all your nature-centric experiences. The vast farmland allows room for numerous varieties of birds, butterflies and other animal species in the reserve that make occasional appearances inside the lodge. Principles of conservation and ecotourism are highly regarded at Monsoon Forest. Satiate your adventurous spirit in the wilds of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve!

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Monsoon Forest Lodge illumines conservation based tourism. An organic farm and nursery ensure a healthy dining experience. Situated in Bandhavgarh Tala region which is Tiger territory.

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