Birdwatchers can expect to see birds characteristic of the Indo-Malayan tropical deciduous forests can be seen like the white-naped woodpecker, red jungle fowl, red and painted spurful, lesser adjutant, grey hornbill, long-tailed minivet, alexandrine and plum headed parakeets, chestnut bellied and painted sandgrouse, yellow crowned woodpecker, crested serpent eagle, white-eyed buzzard, white-browed fantail, greater racket tailed drongo, Tickel’s blue flycatcher, etc. It has been declared an Important Bird Area because of the presence of critically endangered white-backed and long-billed vultures, vulnerable species like saras crane and adjutant stork, and near threatened birds like oriental darter, black-headed ibis, grey-headed fish eagle and Malabar pied hornbill.

The wildlife viewing drives in open vehicles are good for watching the birds in the national park and a ramble around Bandhavgarh Fort can also yield some sightings. The green environment of Monsoon Forest also brings in a rich birdlife. 

Monsoon Forest Lodge illumines conservation based tourism. An organic farm and nursery ensure a healthy dining experience. Situated in Bandhavgarh Tala region which is Tiger territory.

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