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Nests​ Cottages ​

Nests​ Cottages

Monsoon Forest has 12 beautifully crafted cottages called ‘Nests’. Inspired by the design of a bird’s nest, these quaint eco-lodges merge into the surrounding grasslands.


You can enjoy the excitement of staying in the forest, and at the same time have all the advantages, comforts and amenities of staying in an ecolodge. Every Nest is air-conditioned and has a generous living area, with large rope-drawn windows, custom-built safari furniture and a modern en-suite bathroom. The wide verandas offer panoramic views of mature grasslands and are ideal for birdwatching enthusiasts.

Monsoon Forest Baithak

Main Lodge - Baithak

The main lodge is titled the ‘Baithak’, which is the casual gathering and sitting area for guests. The construction of the Baithak is motivated by the traditional mud houses that are commonly found around Central India. It is a great spot to interact with naturalists, wildlife lovers and guests over a refreshing cup of tea and snacks, or dinner. The Baithak also houses the Monsoon Forest Art Gallery and Library, a fantastic collection of tribal workmanship, wildlife books, photography and other collectibles. Earth walls and rooftops and tiles from the 1930’s, are just some of the aspects of the local architecture.

Robin’s Nest

Dining – Robin’s Nest

The outdoor dining and buffet area is called the ‘Robin’s Nest’, named after the pair of Robins that settled into the Mahua tree over the dining area. Surrounded by vast grasslands and woods, this large area is perfect for musicians and artists to enjoy skits and songs in the evenings. The Robin’s Nest can easily seat up to 40 visitors.

Swimming Pool Bandhavgarh Lodge

Swimming Pool

Amidst the woods, under the gleaming daylight, the swimming pool is a great way to float your worries away.


Our organic farm, the eco- friendly Monsoon Forest spread over two greenhouses consist of vegetables, for a perfect dining experience with our organic vegetables. Stroll into the canopied shed and you can see the columns of plants bearing cucumbers, gourds, lady’s finger and variety of other vegetables. The drip system is turned on to water these vegetables. As you stroll around inside the greenhouse mist of water droplets covers you. Another nursery project to develop some more greens- fresh salads, green leafy vegetables and cherry tomatoes.

There is a profound connection between the food we eat and our body. What we eat, makes our body decides the nature of living a healthy lifestyle. Something not you, gets to be you. Eating food is an enormous plausibility to experience union. That is the reason why in our culture we have been advised to eat with awareness, full focus and most importantly peacefully.


Monsoon Forest Lodge illumines conservation based tourism. An organic farm and nursery ensure a healthy dining experience. Situated in Bandhavgarh Tala region which is Tiger territory.

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