Best things to shop around Bandhavgarh national park

Bandhavgarh National Park is among the best places to spot Bengal Tigers in their natural wilderness. The national park is home to a variety of wildlife and beautiful landscapes too. The best part of this national park in India is that it has quite a lot more to experience apart from its wildlife. 
Every year, the national park has a huge number of visitors who come here to encounter the wilderness. The park has various facilities to increase the experience of the guests. While some are extravagant high-end resorts some are budget inns and there are a few resorts that are naturally-themed. 
Since Bandhavgarh National Park stands among the most prominent natural wildlife escapes in India, it offers various activities. But, aside from the wildlife, there are a few other things that you can do when you visit Bandhavgarh.

Bandhavgarh isn’t simply restricted to its wildlife. In addition to this, it offers an open door for shopping also. There are various shops outside the reserve from where you can get souvenirs like shirts, wildlife storybooks, and more. You can also purchase real photos of tigers which were taken by eminent photographers and park officials inside the national park. To purchase souvenirs and books, a shop is situated behind the Museum of Bandhavgarh which is an incredible alternative. Shopping in Bandhavgarh is a must-do activity for tourists

Tala Village stands as a prominent highlight within Bandhavgarh, serving as a primary entrance to the national park. The quaint village, characterized by mud houses, reflects the uncomplicated lifestyle embraced by the local inhabitants—a legacy maintained through multiple generations. Moreover, a significant number of resorts are conveniently located in proximity to Tala Village, as well as various souvenir shops. Given its short distance from numerous luxury resorts in Bandhavgarh, a visit to Tala Village is a must during your exploration of the national park.

Just outside the national park, there’s a small shop where you can buy shirts, wildlife books, and other items. They offer discounted prices on pictures of tigers spotted in the reserve. Another excellent choice for purchasing souvenirs and books is the WWF wildlife shop, conveniently located next to the museum.

For those seeking unique mementos, Bandhavgarh National Park itself is a great option, considering the limited number of shops in this area. The Bandhavgarh School of Art is a recommended place to explore for such souvenirs.

Undoubtedly the finest store in Bandhavgarh, this establishment features exquisite hand-painted craft pieces that hold significant cultural value, depicting the rich life of the local community. Additionally, numerous local shops showcase handmade items crafted by the talented women of the region.

Indulge in your passion with the top-notch wildlife tours available in Bandhavgarh.

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