Explore Rural Tourism in Tala Region, Bandhavgarh

Planning an outing to Bandhavgarh will take you to the lavish greenery of the forested region that is unbelievably the home to the wild species. Getting a glimpse of these wild animals is simply a unique experience and exploring with an open jeep safari you get a chance to see the wild animals up close. 

Learn the lifestyle of the local people

The Tala village is one of the chief attractions to visit in Bandhavgarh, located at the lowest point of the reserve. This region has the main entrance to the national park. The villagers living in this area has mud houses and represents the lifestyle that they are following until now. Most of the resorts are located in this region and the local market comprises of many souvenir shops. Hundreds of tourists come to experience the wildlife and the beauty that this place presents. The Tala village is not very far from this resorts, you can definitely include it in your tour.

Only around 20 families are living here and their occupation primarily consist of bamboo crafts making, providing furnishing and decorative items for the resorts and the tourists who would like to purchase some small bamboo items. Watch the villagers weave these items!

At night, you can spend your time relaxing in one of the luxury resorts in Bandhavgarh with independent cottages near the Tala main gate. The Tala village is worth visiting, if you want to see the tribal life of the people and also have a glimpse of the wildlife in Bandhavgarh, this is your chance.

For a peaceful holiday experience, this could be your chance to get away from the bustling city life and enjoy a vacation in a serene and peaceful location where nobody can disturb you.

Before visiting the village, enjoy an open safari ride to Bandhavgarh National Park

But before you take a trip to the village, visit the Bandhavgarh national park which covers an area of 105 sq km and has a buffer zone extended to around 400 sq km. Here, the topography comprises the hilly terrain, forest, lakes, and open wilderness. This national park is popular for the Royal Bengal tigers and comprises of the highest number of tigers in India.

This reserve is actually the former hunting ground of the Maharaja of Rewa and home to the white tigers. The first white tiger was discovered in Rewa, not very far from here. It is indeed a wide area to explore which includes a fort at the top of a hilly terrain and undulating topography of rocky hills, grass swamps, lush green forest, and lakes. Enjoy the wildlife in Bandhavgarh!

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