How to reach Bandhavgarh by airways or roadways?

The Tala village is close to the Bandhavgarh National Park gate number one and near to the town of Umaria which is 32 km away. Most of the luxury resorts are located near the Tala region. Because of tourism, Tala region has shops catering to the essential necessities of tourists like the mineral water bottle, telephone booths and so forth. There is even an alcohol store and a petroleum pump nearby.

For those who want to eat the local food, you can enjoy eating in the roadside restaurants. The White Tiger lodge run by the government has a restaurant for the tourists. The majority of the resorts provide the fundamental necessities on your tour. Enjoy your Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari without any stress.

Bandhavgarh- by Road
Approximately 6 hours’ drive from Khajuraho which is 280 km. Between 3 to 4 hours from Jabalpur which is 170 km; from Katni 2.5 hours’ drive which is 95 km; from Satna 3.5 hours’ drive which is 112 km and 7 hours from Kanha which is 240 km.

Bandhavgarh- by flight
There are 2 nearest airports for reaching Bandhavgarh i.e. Jabalpur and Khajuraho.

Jabalpur Airport  
It is around 200 km i.e. 03:45hrs from the national park. Jabalpur city has non-stop flight availability from Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata. Every real visitor’s entry is recorded from Delhi and Mumbai city. As it is the closest air terminal for Kanha National Park additionally, it is used for Central India Wildlife Tours. From Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh, you need to hire a taxi. There isn’t any direct bus service from Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh, so it’s better to hire a taxi.

Khajuraho Airport
It is around 260 km i.e. 05:30 hrs drive from the airport to Bandhavgarh. Khajuraho is a famous tourist destination, World Heritage Khajuraho temple known worldwide for its erotic rock carvings. Khajuraho Airport has flights from Delhi and Varanasi. From Khajuraho to Bandhavgarh taxis are available, as there are no buses available from here.

Umaria Airstrip
The tourists who are traveling by charter planes can come up to Umaria Air-strip which is only 37 km i.e. 45 mins away from Bandhavgarh National Park only. From Umarai it is better to hire a taxi, as no direct bus services are available. Bus services are available between them, but for your convenience, it is better to hire a taxi. Other choices for reaching Bandhavgarh could be by flight from Nagpur Airport which is 490kms i.e. 09:00hrs and Raipur Airport which is 500 km i.e. 10:00 hrs; however tourists rarely take this route due to its long distance.

Bandhavgarh- by train
There are 3 railway stations to reach Bandhavgarh National Park- Katni Railway Junction (100kms/02:30hrs), Umaria Railway Station (37kms) and Jabalpur Railway Station (200kms/04:30hrs). 

Monsoon Forest Lodge illumines conservation based tourism. An organic farm and nursery ensure a healthy dining experience. Situated in Bandhavgarh Tala region which is Tiger territory.

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