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There would be no means that would not let someone struck by these beautiful Vindhyas and the magnificent glory of Bandhavgarh lighting up the richness of its rich social legacy.

Many important temples are located at Bandhavgarh. With permission from the forest authorities, you get to visit the fort temples at an altitude of 811 meters.


Bandhavadheesh temple: Bandhavadheesh means ‘the Lord of Bandhavgadh’ with Laxman, who is the brother of Lord Rama as is deity. The temple is also well crafted with statues of Lord Ram and Sita.


Shesh Shaiya: On the way to the fort is also the statue of Lord Vishnu with the reclining body of a seven-hooded serpent, the Sheshnag.


Kabir Chabutra: At the top of the hill there are 5 tomb structures of different sizes, it is believed that Saint Kabir visited Bandhavgarh and spent some time here falling in love with the serene nature.

Another attraction at the Bandhavgarh fort is the 18 ft high Narsimhabody of man with the head of a lion.

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