The Best Zones in Bandhavgarh National Park for Tiger Sighting

Located in between the beautiful Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges, Bandhavgarh flaunts an amazing blend of thick green valleys and rocky slopes with deciduous forests and flat green grasslands. It is best known for its beautiful location and having the maximum number of tigers in India. Although, its location is quite far it’s worth visiting since it offers you a chance to see the tigers up close.

The park also features an old fort located at a height of 800 meters. It is a small park with an area of 105 square kilometers available for the visitors to explore. 

The Taala zone
The best zone in Bandhavgarh is the Taala zone. This is the largest zone and most odds of locating tiger is there. In spite of the fact that different zones to have tiger sighting, however, this is the most favored zone for Bandhavgarh tiger safari!

The Khitauli zone
Khitauli zone in Bandhavgarh is presently open for visitors. Tiger sighting is also expected in this area. Within the Khitauli zone, there are a few territories where visit tiger sightings have been accounted in summer’s time like Nigai Nala, Chatai talao and so forth. The best is to enjoy the complete wildlife tour including tigers. Watch out for the Blue bull and wild dogs in this zone. There is no limit to exploring all the zones. Tiger sightings have been reported in all the zones.

The Magadhi zone
These days Magadhi is also preferred. You can plan both for Magadhi and Tala zone. And during the monsoon season, you can find more activity in this region.
There are 4 different zones in the national park, vehicles are permitted to enter in all the 4 zones. You can enjoy an open jeep safari only at fixed timings. Enjoy wildlife tours in Bandhavgarh!

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